Month: January 2014

Writing challenge: What BFFs teach us

In my younger years, we call it simply “best friend”. Nowadays, it is called “Best Friends Forever“. Years from now, there might be a different term to describe the closest friend or group of people to our hearts. BFFs teach us so many things. Here is what I can attest to.


We learned fashion and dress codes from our BFFs.

Remember the times when you would all wear pink? Or wear the skater skirt at the same time? In Elementary days, BFFs made us understand the meaning of group or friendship through the things we wear. Best friends have to dress alike or should wear the same friendship bracelet. Non compliance is a huge crime! But as we grow older, we discover our own style. BFFs role changes to being that person who tells you whether something looks good on you or you look like you’re really “trying hard”. BFFs tell us the meanest things that would normally offend us if the message were from someone else.

We learned a deal about keeping secrets from our BFFs.

Though our parents would tell us to always tell the truth, I learned to keep secrets because of my BFFs. It is possible to be open to our parents about the guy we have a crush on but it could be really challenging to share with them our romantic thoughts when we see that guy we couldn’t keep our eyes off. That’s when BFFs come in. They are that special and trusted people we share our feelings to. Our BFFs made us apply the true meaning of secrecy when it comes to crushes and girl rivalries. Some might have spilled the secret, others might have kept true to their word. The point is we learned a sure deal about secrecy with our BFFs.

Our BFFs help us see our strength and beauty.

I believe that our appreciation of ourselves should not come from other people. We should see our inner beauty. We should know ourselves better than anyone else. This is why I used the word “help” because our BFFs are there to give us a lift on times when we doubt how strong we could be, when we doubt if we’re even beautiful. 

When a guy leaves us for whatsoever reason, the sadness can sometimes makes one feel unappreciated. BFFs are there to give you encouraging words, to drag you to the spa, to take you to an all girls night out, to make you see how happy life could be even if you’ve just joined the singles club again. 

There are so many things that BFFs teach us. I strongly believe that we should be very careful in choosing them because they’ll be our half sisters and could even be our soul mate. They go with us as we live our life so they better be a good companion to help us out!

– Miss D


Writing challenge: Spread Goodness

This entry for today will be short. I am not going to give an excuse why it wouldn’t make the 500 word challenge but I’d rather write than skip.

People close to me would often describe use the word “nice” to describe me. So when i think about the nicest thing I’ve ever done, that’s going to be a challenge.

The nicest thing I’ve ever done was helping a good friend who got terribly sick. He flew immediately to the province because of his worsening condition. He was broke because of the hospital expenses that kept going up. I couldn’t stand not doing anything. For the first time, I messaged common friends asking for financial help for our friend. I asked for my friend’s bank account information by messaging his sister. A few helped. A few believed. For me, it didn’t matter. I just had to do it for a dear friend. And even if we didn’t get as much help, what’s important was that we got help. My friend has miraculously recovered and is now living a healthier life.

I know we should expect something in return when we help but this thought comes to my mind sometimes. It would be nice, in this times when people care lesser and lesser, if someone would do the same for you in times of need.

Writing Challenge: Mirror Mirror

Reading this status in Facebook a few minutes ago told me that this is the perfect time to write about today’s daily prompt: Mirror Mirror. The evil queen step mother of Snow White is the most famous person who always looks at the mirror to find out who is the fairest in the land. What you see in the mirror reflects how you see yourself.

In the training classes I’ve conducted, I have a number of activities where the participants can write or say what they think about themselves. Whenever I do this, I always remember how I look at myself in the mirror. Nothing much has changed then and now. I love looking at my reflection. I learned how to act at a young age by just facing the mirror. I developed my confidence in speaking by imagining in front of a mirror that I was a celebrity being interviewed by “Tito Boy” (a well known host in the Philippines). He would ask me questions and I will respond. This is how I developed my confidence in speaking. Looking at the mirror, I slowly realized that my beauty is unique, my body is unique. In my teens, I used to wish I had a straight edged nose. I would put clothes clip on my nose believing it will give the nose I want. But teenage insecurity grew out on me. I don’t dream of having a nose job but I am happy with my uniqueness.

I face the mirror and I see a strong woman who has won a lot of battles. I see someone full of energy, and full of youth though I am 30. I love myself which is why I am self conscious of how I treat my body. I see to it that I do not gain so much weight not because I don’t want to look fat in the eyes of others. I want it for myself. A healthy body with a healthy mind.

The status I read said “Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause for success or failure in life. It is the hidden self-image you have of yourself.” Most of the time, it is us who appreciate ourselves less. We might think we’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not sexy, not healthy and a lot more when it really isn’t the case. Appreciate what you see in your mirror. Give compliments because no matter what circumstance you’re in, you are a survivor. There are so many things to be thankful for. One of it is your existence. You can take action on whatever it is that you want for yourself. Whatever you believe in, you become. So if this is they key to success, why don’t you start believing that the person you see in the mirror is kind, beautiful, loving, strong, and full of life.

We are always more than what we think we are. For most of us, our potentials have not been fully discovered. We just need to believe in ourselves, be inspired. The more beauty you see in yourself, the more beautiful people will see you.

Writing Challenge: The Power of Words

It was a beautiful night. The ballroom was packed with people dressed elegantly. I walked inside and all their faces turned. I was greeted with smiles. In their eyes I saw happiness. I saw inspiration. These had been men and women who once lived a difficult life. Out of job, in debt, divorced, unhappy, purposeless. 

I sat on my chair waiting for my turn. Finally the host spoke.

“We are very privilege tonight because this marks our 10th year anniversary. I was thinking if I still need to give a lengthy introduction about our  speaker but I believe she does. She has inspired all of us for 10 years now. Her writings and talks about how to live our life to its greatest potential have transformed all of us to become someone we never imagined possible. Our days will never be complete without listening to her through the various media available for us. And not only that, we continuously grow and help other people to see the inspirations we get through her. Our lives have never been better and she is the woman behind it all. To give us her welcome remarks, let us welcome our founder… Miss Diaries.

Miss Diaries is not my real name of course, but this is the scenario I see. The skill that I would want to master is communication.


There is no denying how powerful words are.  It can make or break a person. It can save or ruin a life. Words play a major role in influencing people. This is the primary reason why I want to master it. This is not just a “WISH” but a goal for myself 5 to 10 years from now. Through words I want people to see their strengths, to see beyond their challenges, and to find a way to live the life they have always wanted. Living in a country where majority of the masses are not educated, they can easily be lead by people who use the power of words for their benefit. But if others who have the power of communication will use it to educate those who were not schooled, the choices will be different.

I still have hope for the Filipinos.