Yabu: House of Katsu

Do you want to upgrade your Katsu dining experience a level higher? Then you must go to Yabu: House of Katsu for one of the best tasting Katsu in the metro.
YABU: House of Katsu
Yabu offers wide choices of Katsu. They have chicken, sea food, pork, mixed, curry, katsudon, menchi, miso and a lot more. They also have meal for kids.

Budget per meal or per head is 500 Php.

A little too pricy? I don’t think so. Everything on your plate is refillable (rice, veggies, fruits…). The only thing that is not is your Katsu.


1. Choose your katsu. (chicken, pork, sea food etc.)
2. Choose how many grams (100 g or more) Remember… this is not refillable/unlimited
3. Choose your rice (jasmine rice etc…)
4. Choose your drink

Your order/s should arrive on or before 20 minutes. If not, your meal is free.

What to do while waiting for your order?


You will be given sesame seeds in a small bowl with mortar. All you have to do is to crush the sesame seeds. After that, you will put the katsu sauce. There are other condiments that you can put to suit your taste buds.




And then, you can enjoy your katsu!

Chicken Curry Katsu
Chicken Curry Katsu
Chicken Katsu 100g
Chicken Katsu 100g

Join the Katsu craze.

Find the nearest Yabu: House of Katsu near you by going to their website.
You can also add them on Facebook.

Yabu is open from 10am-9pm


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