Writing Challenge- Breaking the Law

I definitely am challenging myself this year. From getting more clients for work, becoming a full time blogger, being a responsible mother to my kids and a wife to my husband, I plan to do all of these for myself. Now, I’ve been putting off writing everyday. I’ve had numerous blogs ever since I learned how to access the internet when I was in college but those are no longer updated because of me procrastinating. This time, I want to do this for myself. Let’s start with Jan. 20 topic. Was there ever a time I broke the law?

When I was 7 or 10 years old (I can’t remember exactly what age), I found out that my aunt was saving coins in a can of Pringles. It was almost full. I really liked this junk food that costed 3 Php at that time. I started “borrowing” 3 pesos whenever I feel like going to my grandmother’s sari-sari store to buy that snack. A few times uncaught became a regular thing. At a young age, I knew I was stealing no matter how small the amount is. Stealing is breaking the law right? I said to myself that it would be the last, but I didn’t know if it was the thrill of getting money uncaught or the pleasure of eating that junk food that made me do it again.

One day, when I was about to borrow money again, it dawned on me that the can of Pringles that was almost full with coins was already half full. I got so scared because I knew my aunt was going to find out. From that time on, I swore never to get money that is not mine.

We all break laws one time or another. Growing up, I cheated a few times in school, I lied about the amount of my tuition fee in college, I lied about not having a boyfriend. All of these I had experienced. I am not really proud about these, who is proud of theirs? Talking about these experiences now makes me smile because it reminds me of the younger and playful me.

I did not admit to my aunt about what I did. I never really knew if she found out it was me. It was a lesson I learned by myself. I am very grateful to my family for teaching me the values I have now. Although I failed at that time, the lessons they taught me gave me the awareness that I had to stop.

I strongly believe that a better community happens when you have responsible citizens. Responsible citizens are developed in the family. Parents should educate their kids and should instill correct values. They might follow or break some rules (hoping its not a law). It is really up to the individual. The family should be there to continuously guide. It all starts with the right mindset that laws are there for the benefit of everybody. If we want to see changes in our community, in our government, it has to start somewhere. It has to start from ourselves. “Break the law if you must but only if you learned how to follow them first.”


Miss D



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