Daily Challenge: Grandma’s Words

The kettle whistled. It is time for tea. Lyka prepared the two usual white cups with gold lining. She poured the hot water on the cups and dipped the tea bags. She placed both cups, together with the sugar and the bottle of honey in a tray and started walking to the balcony. Sitting there on the wooden chair is an old woman wearing a simple dress printed with flowers of summer. She was staring at the sky when Lyka came.

Lyka: “Did i startle you grandma?”

Grandma: “Oh, not really my dear. Here, put that tray on the table and sit down.”

Lyka: “Grandma, can i ask you something?”

Grandma: “Of course.”

Lyka: “Why are we not rich like my classmate Pin? Every time I see her Facebook, she has all these new stuff. Nice clothes, pretty watched, trendy shoes. But me… Well, why aren’t we rich?”

Grandma: “When I was your age, i remember asking the same thing. My parents provided for me but it was just enough. I didn’t have the extra nice stuff too. When i asked my mother why we’re not rich, she told me that we should not live in material things because true riches are your family.”

“I believed that. When I graduated, i taught in Elementary. I was earning but it was just enough. Sometimes, me and your grandfather had to make ends meet. I have a him so I keep making myself believe i was rich. Your mom came and your uncle too. I have to be honest. We struggled a lot. ”

Lyka: “So you still think you’re rich though you and grandpa we’re struggling?”

Grandma: “No. Not really. I kept telling myself we don’t need money. As long as we’re together, I am rich. I told the same thing to your mom. Do you know see why we never had more?”

Lyka: “i don’t understand.”

Grandma: “Riches have many definitions. I can say I am rich with love from my family. But I have to be honest that I failed to see how I can also be wealthy. You see, my mother didn’t tell me how to grow money. The only thing that she said is important was my family. Or perhaps, I misunderstood her?  So, I never really focused on accumulating wealth. For me, as long as the family is together, that’s all that matters.”

“Money is not everything in this world. But if our family is our riches, we need to accumulate wealth too to provide for them. I guess, accepting that we need to learn how to make money grow will make a big difference for this family. This has been an excuse that we use just because we never had the dreams we wish we had. Here this out, Lyke. This is one thing you should not forget. You base your riches not from what your neighbor has. Invest your money, start a business. Compare your bank account last month to this month. Compare your assets last month to this month. That will tell you if you are getting better, getting richer. My hope is that you will do something different, something we’ve never done before. Go after your dreams. Grow your money and you’ll eventually enjoy the things you want. But never… never ever forget to take care and love the your family because money is just a vehicle in keeping what’s really important happy, that is your true riches, your family.”


Miss D

(Daily Prompt)


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