Kangaroo Jack: Eat all you can

I’ve been out for quite some time. Maybe I should do a throwback on the events I missed posting? Nah!

Well… let’s just see what happens.

For some time, I’ve been hearing about Kangaroo Jack’s affordable eat all you can merienda from relatives but I was just so lazy to try it out. Today, I went to the mall with my family  when we got hungry and needed merienda. It automatically hit me. Kangaroo Jack! Eat-all-you-can!  For 220 pesos, this is a very affordable date! This can even be a very good after graduation eat out with the family.

I haven’t tasted all the food. It’s not a surprise to people close to me that I don’t get the value of a buffet because I don’t have a VERY big appetite. Because of that, Kangaroo Jack is just right for me. At least I will not feel I got ripped off because I missed eating a lot of delicious food!

They have 1 soup dish partnered with toasted breads, nachos (my favorite!), 2 kinds of pasta dishes, 2 kinds of rice, a fish, chicken, pizza, macaroni salad, kare-kare, and 2 kinds of filipino desserts (shianghai? and some jello). Excuse me for not being so accurate. When I’m hungry, sometimes I fail to look at the labels.

Overall— it was an average experience.

220 Php- a decent amount for a decent meal!

Kangaroo Jack Eat All You Can Merienda

Kangaroo Jack Eat All You Can Merienda

Kangaroo Jack Eat All You Can Merienda

Kangaroo Jack, SM North Edsa (2nd Floor)
Sun-Thu – 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Fri-Sat – 10:00 am 10:00 pm
Contact Number: 385-9452
(Info source: www/myfoodtrip.com)

(Please take note of the posting date. Price may have changed.)


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