Writing Challenge: Why Do I Write?

When your heart is full of love, full of hurt, full of hate and you can’t express it for whatever reasons, the best way to let it out is through writing. This is what writing is for me when I was starting to write back then. I do not consider myself a creative writer. I still have insecurities about my writing ability but who cares! I am not here to publish a book (yet! who knows what the future holds) and I am holding on the thought that everyone has their unique style of writing.

Maybe my writing is just waiting for the perfect audience who would see its beauty!

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When I first read Sweet Valley High’s Jessica and Elizabeth’s diary, I was solved that I will start writing. I did! I got our typewriter (whew! who else uses a typewriter?) and my fingers started tapping the keys until I had a manuscript of some sorts. Maybe it was 10 pages, maybe it was 20. I already lost it for sure. Reading that book inked in my heart the importance of a diary and up till today, it continues to impact my life.

I write about unheard admiration. As a teen and maybe, as part of my personality as well, confessing a crush or admiration to a guy is not in my vocabulary. I do not want to give any guy the thought that he can make fun of me, court me, make me fall then break my heart. Because of this, I keep all my thoughts in writing.

I write about love, heartaches, hate. There are so many themes or topics that can fall on these categories. Yes, we’ve had them all. The only difference is that not everyone writes about them. I do. It releases whatever feelings I have. It encapsulates my youthfulness, my vulnerabilities, my innocence. And whether it will be discovered someday by my grandchildren, or it will be discovered as a relic, still- they can imagine how it was like to be me, to live in my time, to live with my memory.

Today, I write in this blog because I care about writing. I still believe that my brain has something to offer, something I know I will treasure when I am old. I write because I can still feel. No, make that, I feel stronger emotions that I understand this time.

We all live in this life once. Our thoughts, they can stay forever when written (at least while the internet still exists, or while WordPress still does).

Write! It doesn’t matter if you are no journalist, or no author- We were all given the gift of communication so use it! Love God’s gift.


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19 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Why Do I Write?

  1. “When your heart is full of love, full of hurt, full of hate and you can’t express it for whatever reasons, the best way to let it out is through writing” I love your introduction! It’s the same for me too.

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