Halloween Haunts Scream Park

Halloween is over but not in the most unique horror park in Manila, Halloween Haunts Scream Park!

I was meaning to visit this park since they officially opened last December 2013 and my birthday is just the perfect time to, at first, drag my Boi to take me there. In the end, he didn’t regret going there with me.

The park is a hollywood style attraction and it is the FIRST in Asia. It was a hit on Facebook when they announced their supposed grand opening on October 31st but issues with the park’s contractor/s prevented them from doing so. This caused the park a lot of disappointed customers who pre purchased tickets. They even refunded to a lot of customers. But after almost 2 months of delay, the park finally opened early enough for Christmas of 2013.

We went there on a Wednesday so it is expected that there wouldn’t be a huge crowd. Nevertheless, the park was still very much alive!


Ticket Prices
Ticket Prices

General Admission is 550 (This is what we got)

VIP Fast Track pass P1300 
Avoid the lines Limited passes per night

Pre Purchase Family package P1400 
2 adults + 2 children
(please note that we recommend families with small children attend family day on sundays, as Sundays are more directed at families.)

Children under the line go half price P325

Senior citizens 20% off


They have affiliated schools- students get a discount and will only pay 450 pesos instead of 550!



You’ll have to pass by this old looking street (Vigan look-a-like?) packed with ghosts hiding from the walls and doors. This will lead you to their Baggage Counter where you will have to check-in all your belongings. At first, I didn’t want to because I wanted to document everything. But when we finally got inside the first site, THE HAUNTED HOUSE, I understood why you REALLY SHOULD NOT bring your belongings.

The path to the unknown
The path to the unknown

RULE #1: NO CONTACT WITH THE GUESTS (Zombies/Ghost/any Creature should not touch you)

RULE #2: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE CAST (no matter how astounding their prosthetics are- do not touch them)

RULE #3: DON’T BRING YOUR STUFF inside the Haunted House and Graveyard. (If you dropped it, it would be an inconvenience to everybody to turn the lights on JUST FOR YOU, right? Don’t be a KILL JOY!)

There are photographers who will take your pictures. You MAY get yourself a copy for 300 pesos.

And here’s what you should not miss…

There’s a 9PM Show at the Ruins Bar. Here you’ll get to see the zombies/ghosts perform and entertain the audience. You can even dance with them!

Zombies dancing




Halloween Haunts Scream Park is very promising. It can become the best Horror Park in Asia. The Haunted House is really creepy. Its maze leads you to different rooms you wouldn’t expect. I didn’t get scared of The Graveyard maybe because it is a graveyard! You would already expect it to have ghosts.

The makeup were just fine (for this day, Wednesday). I was thinking, maybe they do the full blown prosthetics on peak days.

Their Ruins Bar 9 PM Show is the best! I think this made my stay there really worthwhile. The TALENTS are very good!

Here is my Video Log of my visit there. The showdown is a MUST WATCH!

Great right?! And here is what they look like without makeup!

The park is extended till May 31st. After that they will close to get ready for another season. I’m really excited on the Asylum. There are so many things that they can add to make this the BEST SCREAM PARK ever. Here are my suggestions:

1. HOSPITAL who is not scared of nurses and dead patients?

2. TALAHIBAN that feeling of not seeing where you’re going and what will come out of the grassland is super scary!

3. DARK FOREST why not bring out the Kapre, the tiyanak, the manananggal and all our Filipino folklore creatures?

4. SCHOOL yes, bring out the headless friar, the nuns!

As I said, this park has a lot of potential so let’s support it. When they add more attractions, these will help give more jobs to our countrymen. Plus, I am happy to see that the people there are enjoying what they are doing. Imagine having to put those scary makeups and dance!

I DARE YOU TO VISIT HALLOWEEN HAUNTS SCREAM PARK! “Your first scream might be your last!”


Halloween Haunts Scream Park
Macapagal, Avenue Manila
Opens Wed-Sun 6pm-2pm




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