Month: July 2014

Selfies at #SelfieEscolta

We always tend to look for adventures in unexplored islands or places not knowing that there are beautiful spots that were once at their peak, but now have been forgotten. Instead of searching for the unknown, we went searching for our past to rediscover the beauty of a street that used to be “THE MAKATI” of its time, ESCOLTA.

I got an invite from a friend to like a page entitled #selfiEscolta. I am not stingy giving “likes” on pages but this one really caught my attention. Escolta is one of the oldest and used to be a famous street in Manila during its glory days. I never knew that because I was probably too young, or maybe I wasn’t even born yet at that time. It was the commercial district. It was “THE” place to be at when people in the 1950s needed to shop, unwind, and socialize. However, after a number of decades, businessmen started to build new establishments to catch up with the times. Slowly, the brightness of Escolta started to dim until most of what was left of it are abandoned buildings and memories. NOT! This year, 2014 marks the beginning of its revival.