Photobook: Memories you can hold

While I was going through the photos in my Flickr account, I accidentally deleted an album. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve it. In this age where all photos are uploaded online, there is that wonderful feeling in getting back to my roots.

I have tons of photo albums and up till now, my kids enjoy seeing the baby me, the toddler me and the teen me! I gave in. I created some online photobooks and ordered them through Photobook Philippines.


I got a great deal from Metrodeal where I purchased each voucher for P20 and just have to pay a shipping fee of P250 for each photobook!


There are different sizes to chose from and it is very easy to create an album. You have an option to create it online or install their tool. You can choose from the available templates or create one from scratch. All photos are just drag & drop!


  1. Purchase your voucher from Metrodeal.
  2. Activate the voucher (the link is in the voucher description)
  3. Create your photobook either online or offline (download the tool)
  4. When you are finished, click Order
  5. Follow the guide on the site.
  6. Before paying, make sure you put the voucher code to update the price.
  7. Pay thru Paypal or credit card
  8. Finish! (wait for your order to be delivered by DHL)

We enjoyed looking at these albums and they are cute!

Let’s continue to make more memories!


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