The Sunday Currently #01


My first post for 2018!

So many things have happened in 2017. The last quarter has been extremely productive for me and I couldn’t thank God enough for all the projects He showered me with. This 2018, my goal is to always include my passion in the things I will accomplish this year. This includes updating my blog and a regular video content creation for the memories I treasure the most.

With this, I am starting “The Sunday Currently”


Love is a Verb by Gary Chapman. I recently went to The Big Bad Wolf and got myself some books to read. This is the first that I am enjoying! It’s a light read but it reminds me a lot on the ways we can show love to others.

I have to write a facilitator’s guide for one of our clients. I haven’t started yet. tsk! tsk! The course is about exploring your career and growing yourself.

“I’d still say yes”. Yes, I would do it over and over again!

about our scheduled summer trip in April. Oh it seems so far!!! I am overly excited.

the aloe vera gel that I put on my entire face and my body!

wishing to save up some more money for visa application purposes

for my Starbucks Java chip frappe to arrive courtesy of my hubby.

a very soft “daster” with a Doraemon design

the fact that I am losing weight and I have friends who pushes each other to go to the gym and have a healthy and fit 2018! It’s hard going to the gym by yourself or exercising at home. I have tried this and it never works for me. This year, it seems that we started the year right by hitting the gym. We’ve been going there for, roughly, 2 weeks now and I am not seeing anyone retreating! Hooray for the Century Tuna Superbods! Lol

more sleep!

some inspiration to start writing my facilitator guide

relaxed because I just had a warm bath and the kids are asleep! I finally have an alone time to do some intellectual activities!

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