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Why Did I ever thought of having another BLOG?

Some people are just gifted in expressing their thoughts beautifully in writing. And then there are those who just love writing with the hope that there are people who can appreciate their style no matter how simple it is.

I fall on the second one.

Image by: Jessica Peterson
Image by: Jessica Peterson

I started this blog with the intent of being anonymous. I’ve started other blogs before this where they basically just became a life journal. I didn’t know if I had regular readers, although I hope I did. This time, with social media being used widely and effectively, I thought of having a fresh start.

Nothing much has changed with the way I write, but I definitely gained so many life experiences compared to when I was writing in my teenage blog somewhere in this vast world wide web.

I feared of not having readers again, talking to no one but myself. But hey, we only live once. At my age, I should be way past the fear of not being accepted.


I’ll do what I want to do because it makes me happy!

So Miss Diaries came about because I wanted a fresh start, I wanted to continue writing whether I have an audience or not because it makes me happy. My memories and experiences in life are, in a way, events that some people can learn from, relate to, and get an inspiration from.

Why do people write? We write for so many reasons. I even wrote an entry about WHY I WRITE. It makes a lot of difference when you know the reasons why you do the things you do. It makes you understand yourself better.




Writing Challenge: Moments

We all have significant moments in our lives that we couldn’t (although sometimes we wish we could) forget.

Image Source:
Image Source:

Moment #1

As I opened the classroom door, there was this unusual silence. The floor was almost red with petals of roses. I walked towards my table where a bouquet of red flowers greeted me. I was still angry (or at least I was acting). I looked at the board and on it was a message, Sorry Miss *****. The class president stood and tried to talk me out of my acting. And when I finally saw that everyone learned their lesson, I accepted the apology.

How can I get angry with the students I loved so well.

My life will never be the same if I hadn’t spent a part of my life teaching. The first advisory and only advisory class I handled always has a spot in my heart. They reminded me how good it was to be carefree and responsible at the right time, and most importantly, they thought me about friendship.

In every class are unique personalities of individuals who would want to be understood and accepted. At that time of my life, I was idealistic about teaching. I wanted to be this teacher that they will never forget but looking back, I think it is me who will never forget them. More than me teaching them, it was them who gave me one of the best memories of my life.

Moment #2

Everyone has a painful love story. At 26 years old, I thought I was in control of my feelings. I thought my mind can tell my heart when to stop so I wouldn’t fall so hard. But without a warning, my mind stopped working. It just let my heart took over everything. I was heading for doom.

In a relationship with other parties involved, you just don’t know how a story would end. That moment, I knew I have lost but I refuse to accept. I asked the universe to do its course but I also shouted to it what I badly wanted. I held on not knowing what the end would be. I strongly rejected thoughts about the life I do not want to have. I had to go through the pains. The good thing was that my family is always there for me.

I waited patiently to see how that love story would turn out. Slowly, the universe removed all the challenges. To my amazement, it did ran its course. The possible endings I thought of were nothing close to what the universe planned for us. I am proud of myself for not giving up. This moment taught me that if there are things you really want, claim it and never give up.

Moment #3

What kind of a mother is someone who would not put the birth of their children as one of the most memorable part of their lives? My growing, and hectic career life in an office changed when I gave birth to my beautiful kids. Like most career women, I never imagined myself out of a regular office job to stay at home and take care of kids. It is one of the things I told myself will not happen.

But now I realized that more to the growth of a company is the growth of beautiful children who were sent to me as a blessing. Now I understood why their needs should come first. My parents and guardians did everything so I can get my best shot at life. Now that I have children, I still want to continue getting the best things life can offer but if it would interfere with what my kids want, then my heart is big enough to give way so they can have moments, good or bad, the way I did.

Writing Challenge: Why Do I Write?

When your heart is full of love, full of hurt, full of hate and you can’t express it for whatever reasons, the best way to let it out is through writing. This is what writing is for me when I was starting to write back then. I do not consider myself a creative writer. I still have insecurities about my writing ability but who cares! I am not here to publish a book (yet! who knows what the future holds) and I am holding on the thought that everyone has their unique style of writing.

Maybe my writing is just waiting for the perfect audience who would see its beauty!

Image Source:
Image Source:

When I first read Sweet Valley High’s Jessica and Elizabeth’s diary, I was solved that I will start writing. I did! I got our typewriter (whew! who else uses a typewriter?) and my fingers started tapping the keys until I had a manuscript of some sorts. Maybe it was 10 pages, maybe it was 20. I already lost it for sure. Reading that book inked in my heart the importance of a diary and up till today, it continues to impact my life.

I write about unheard admiration. As a teen and maybe, as part of my personality as well, confessing a crush or admiration to a guy is not in my vocabulary. I do not want to give any guy the thought that he can make fun of me, court me, make me fall then break my heart. Because of this, I keep all my thoughts in writing.

I write about love, heartaches, hate. There are so many themes or topics that can fall on these categories. Yes, we’ve had them all. The only difference is that not everyone writes about them. I do. It releases whatever feelings I have. It encapsulates my youthfulness, my vulnerabilities, my innocence. And whether it will be discovered someday by my grandchildren, or it will be discovered as a relic, still- they can imagine how it was like to be me, to live in my time, to live with my memory.

Today, I write in this blog because I care about writing. I still believe that my brain has something to offer, something I know I will treasure when I am old. I write because I can still feel. No, make that, I feel stronger emotions that I understand this time.

We all live in this life once. Our thoughts, they can stay forever when written (at least while the internet still exists, or while WordPress still does).

Write! It doesn’t matter if you are no journalist, or no author- We were all given the gift of communication so use it! Love God’s gift.


Be challenged! Start writing by following the Daily Prompts.

Writing Challenge: How do you react to Flattery?

As a Filipino, it is in our culture to be humble that we don’t know how to react to compliments. If you’ve met a Filipino and have given that person a compliment, you may have experienced this scenario:

A: “You’re very pretty.”

B: “Not really.” / “I’m not.” / Complete silence

Yes. Most Filipinos are not used to getting compliments the same way that most of us rarely give compliments to each other too.

In high school, where most of one’s self discovery happens, I realized I can do so many things. I discovered I can sing in front of an audience when I was in 4th grade, I can act well and I can dance when I was a freshman, I can lead and think of so many creative presentations when I was in sophomore, I can win an impromptu speaking contest when I was in senior year. My friends would always tell me I’m talented. At that time, I really didn’t know how to react. Maybe to appear humble, I would say that I don’t think I am and would point at someone else who I think is better than me.

It took me a long time before I get comfortable getting compliments. I learned how to say “thank you” when I worked in an American company and understood how we should respond. For people like me who used to get embarrassed with compliments, here are some helpful tips.



Sometimes, people will tell you you’re smart, you’re beautiful, you’re handsome, you’re sexy. Whether you believe it or not, just say thank you. Remember that people can have different perspective. For them to say what they think, for them to say something nice deserve an acknowledgement from your part. So again, whether you believe it or not, just accept the compliment and say “Thank you.”


What is a thank you when your face says otherwise? Smile. Always remember that when you accept the positive words you are getting, you’ll eventually attract more.


If you sound sarcastic when saying “thank you” then you are not acknowledging the compliment.

Always remember that compliment and flattery are a good feeling. Every feeling that is good is positive. If you are always positive, you’ll attract all the positive things, emotions, events in the world. Accepting compliments add to one’s self esteem. You may not believe at first that you’re kind, or smart, or beautiful but if you just accept these compliments and you continue hearing them, you just don’t realize that you really are. Unknowingly, you open yourself to those possibilities and you start to radiate them. More and more people see those in you. Eventually, it will become a part of who you are.

So relax! Smile and say thank you! Feel good about the compliments.

More importantly, compliment others too. You just might brighten someone else’s day!


Miss D

Daily Prompt

Daily Challenge: Grandma’s Words

The kettle whistled. It is time for tea. Lyka prepared the two usual white cups with gold lining. She poured the hot water on the cups and dipped the tea bags. She placed both cups, together with the sugar and the bottle of honey in a tray and started walking to the balcony. Sitting there on the wooden chair is an old woman wearing a simple dress printed with flowers of summer. She was staring at the sky when Lyka came.

Lyka: “Did i startle you grandma?”

Grandma: “Oh, not really my dear. Here, put that tray on the table and sit down.”

Lyka: “Grandma, can i ask you something?”

Grandma: “Of course.”

Lyka: “Why are we not rich like my classmate Pin? Every time I see her Facebook, she has all these new stuff. Nice clothes, pretty watched, trendy shoes. But me… Well, why aren’t we rich?”

Grandma: “When I was your age, i remember asking the same thing. My parents provided for me but it was just enough. I didn’t have the extra nice stuff too. When i asked my mother why we’re not rich, she told me that we should not live in material things because true riches are your family.”

“I believed that. When I graduated, i taught in Elementary. I was earning but it was just enough. Sometimes, me and your grandfather had to make ends meet. I have a him so I keep making myself believe i was rich. Your mom came and your uncle too. I have to be honest. We struggled a lot. ”

Lyka: “So you still think you’re rich though you and grandpa we’re struggling?”

Grandma: “No. Not really. I kept telling myself we don’t need money. As long as we’re together, I am rich. I told the same thing to your mom. Do you know see why we never had more?”

Lyka: “i don’t understand.”

Grandma: “Riches have many definitions. I can say I am rich with love from my family. But I have to be honest that I failed to see how I can also be wealthy. You see, my mother didn’t tell me how to grow money. The only thing that she said is important was my family. Or perhaps, I misunderstood her?  So, I never really focused on accumulating wealth. For me, as long as the family is together, that’s all that matters.”

“Money is not everything in this world. But if our family is our riches, we need to accumulate wealth too to provide for them. I guess, accepting that we need to learn how to make money grow will make a big difference for this family. This has been an excuse that we use just because we never had the dreams we wish we had. Here this out, Lyke. This is one thing you should not forget. You base your riches not from what your neighbor has. Invest your money, start a business. Compare your bank account last month to this month. Compare your assets last month to this month. That will tell you if you are getting better, getting richer. My hope is that you will do something different, something we’ve never done before. Go after your dreams. Grow your money and you’ll eventually enjoy the things you want. But never… never ever forget to take care and love the your family because money is just a vehicle in keeping what’s really important happy, that is your true riches, your family.”


Miss D

(Daily Prompt)

Writing challenge: What BFFs teach us

In my younger years, we call it simply “best friend”. Nowadays, it is called “Best Friends Forever“. Years from now, there might be a different term to describe the closest friend or group of people to our hearts. BFFs teach us so many things. Here is what I can attest to.


We learned fashion and dress codes from our BFFs.

Remember the times when you would all wear pink? Or wear the skater skirt at the same time? In Elementary days, BFFs made us understand the meaning of group or friendship through the things we wear. Best friends have to dress alike or should wear the same friendship bracelet. Non compliance is a huge crime! But as we grow older, we discover our own style. BFFs role changes to being that person who tells you whether something looks good on you or you look like you’re really “trying hard”. BFFs tell us the meanest things that would normally offend us if the message were from someone else.

We learned a deal about keeping secrets from our BFFs.

Though our parents would tell us to always tell the truth, I learned to keep secrets because of my BFFs. It is possible to be open to our parents about the guy we have a crush on but it could be really challenging to share with them our romantic thoughts when we see that guy we couldn’t keep our eyes off. That’s when BFFs come in. They are that special and trusted people we share our feelings to. Our BFFs made us apply the true meaning of secrecy when it comes to crushes and girl rivalries. Some might have spilled the secret, others might have kept true to their word. The point is we learned a sure deal about secrecy with our BFFs.

Our BFFs help us see our strength and beauty.

I believe that our appreciation of ourselves should not come from other people. We should see our inner beauty. We should know ourselves better than anyone else. This is why I used the word “help” because our BFFs are there to give us a lift on times when we doubt how strong we could be, when we doubt if we’re even beautiful. 

When a guy leaves us for whatsoever reason, the sadness can sometimes makes one feel unappreciated. BFFs are there to give you encouraging words, to drag you to the spa, to take you to an all girls night out, to make you see how happy life could be even if you’ve just joined the singles club again. 

There are so many things that BFFs teach us. I strongly believe that we should be very careful in choosing them because they’ll be our half sisters and could even be our soul mate. They go with us as we live our life so they better be a good companion to help us out!

– Miss D


Writing challenge: Spread Goodness

This entry for today will be short. I am not going to give an excuse why it wouldn’t make the 500 word challenge but I’d rather write than skip.

People close to me would often describe use the word “nice” to describe me. So when i think about the nicest thing I’ve ever done, that’s going to be a challenge.

The nicest thing I’ve ever done was helping a good friend who got terribly sick. He flew immediately to the province because of his worsening condition. He was broke because of the hospital expenses that kept going up. I couldn’t stand not doing anything. For the first time, I messaged common friends asking for financial help for our friend. I asked for my friend’s bank account information by messaging his sister. A few helped. A few believed. For me, it didn’t matter. I just had to do it for a dear friend. And even if we didn’t get as much help, what’s important was that we got help. My friend has miraculously recovered and is now living a healthier life.

I know we should expect something in return when we help but this thought comes to my mind sometimes. It would be nice, in this times when people care lesser and lesser, if someone would do the same for you in times of need.