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The Sunday Currently #01


My first post for 2018!

So many things have happened in 2017. The last quarter has been extremely productive for me and I couldn’t thank God enough for all the projects He showered me with. This 2018, my goal is to always include my passion in the things I will accomplish this year. This includes updating my blog and a regular video content creation for the memories I treasure the most.

With this, I am starting “The Sunday Currently”




Hey guys,

I’ve been completely off the radar for a long time. I know there are no excuses. Since that is all done, I want to be able to revive this blog because I want to continue sharing about my life.


Success and your Passion

I grew up in an educational environment where people have to be educated so they can get a high paying job and be called SUCCESSFUL.

I’ve experienced a high paying job but it certainly did not give me the fulfilment I was looking for.

Now that I am out of the corporate life, or the routine office world, I get to enjoy MORE things and earn while doing it. I may have let go of my “manager” title, but going after the things I love did not strip the “success” from me.

success and passion