Photobook: Memories you can hold

While I was going through the photos in my Flickr account, I accidentally deleted an album. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve it. In this age where all photos are uploaded online, there is that wonderful feeling in getting back to my roots. I have tons of photo albums and up till now, my…

Hey guys, I’ve been completely off the radar for a long time. I know there are no excuses. Since that is all done, I want to be able to revive this blog because I want to continue sharing about my life.


I’m not a perfume kind of person. Everytime i buy one, i always end up not using it until i decide to give it away or throw it because its been in my cabinet for a long… and i mean long…. time. But this one is the only scent i can use over and over….

Buffet it is!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”