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The Sunday Currently #02

This week has been so busy that I wasn’t able to accomplish a lot of house chores. The week was spent writing the course I have to finish, dance and singing practices for a friend’s 60th surprise birthday, and all about our broken and new refrigerator.

The weekend was a terrible cheat day for me!




The Sunday Currently #01


My first post for 2018!

So many things have happened in 2017. The last quarter has been extremely productive for me and I couldn’t thank God enough for all the projects He showered me with. This 2018, my goal is to always include my passion in the things I will accomplish this year. This includes updating my blog and a regular video content creation for the memories I treasure the most.

With this, I am starting “The Sunday Currently”


Why Did I ever thought of having another BLOG?

Some people are just gifted in expressing their thoughts beautifully in writing. And then there are those who just love writing with the hope that there are people who can appreciate their style no matter how simple it is.

I fall on the second one.

Image by: Jessica Peterson
Image by: Jessica Peterson

I started this blog with the intent of being anonymous. I’ve started other blogs before this where they basically just became a life journal. I didn’t know if I had regular readers, although I hope I did. This time, with social media being used widely and effectively, I thought of having a fresh start.

Nothing much has changed with the way I write, but I definitely gained so many life experiences compared to when I was writing in my teenage blog somewhere in this vast world wide web.

I feared of not having readers again, talking to no one but myself. But hey, we only live once. At my age, I should be way past the fear of not being accepted.


I’ll do what I want to do because it makes me happy!

So Miss Diaries came about because I wanted a fresh start, I wanted to continue writing whether I have an audience or not because it makes me happy. My memories and experiences in life are, in a way, events that some people can learn from, relate to, and get an inspiration from.

Why do people write? We write for so many reasons. I even wrote an entry about WHY I WRITE. It makes a lot of difference when you know the reasons why you do the things you do. It makes you understand yourself better.