Lego Store in the Philippines

Are you a Lego fan? Then you should be excited that the first Lego Store finally opened in the Philippines! The store is located at Bonifacio Global City Taguig! Advertisements

Selfies at #SelfieEscolta

We always tend to look for adventures in unexplored islands or places not knowing that there are beautiful spots that were once at their peak, but now have been forgotten. Instead of searching for the unknown, we went searching for our past to rediscover the beauty of a street that used to be “THE MAKATI” of its…

IloIlo Trip: Higantes Island

I have been in a state of hiatus! This is something I need to get over with. Since we are back to the rainy season here in the Philippines, let me reminisce and post about my summer escapade. I have been to Boracay countless times and I can say that it has its unique beauty….

Philippines is a Beach Haven!

It is true that not a lot of Filipinos get to see how beautiful our 7,107 islands are. Some would save up just to get out of the country when there’s really a lot to see in our native land. I admit I haven’t seen all that the Philippines has to offer. But for those…

Halloween Haunts Scream Park

Halloween is over but not in the most unique horror park in Manila, Halloween Haunts Scream Park! I was meaning to visit this park since they officially opened last December 2013 and my birthday is just the perfect time to, at first, drag my Boi to take me there. In the end, he didn’t regret…

Flashback Friday: Boracay Vlog!

This was my fourth trip to Boracay. It has changed much from the my first visit there last 2004. I am just praying that our government officials, including the establishment owners will exert more effort in preserving the beauty of the island. Day 1: Our plane landed on Kalibo. We needed to take a land…

Amused in Star City

When I was younger, Star City was the nearest amusement park and the happiest place to be! After years of not visiting it, it was time to see the changes in it. I was amused to see that Star City has gotten better and better. They still have their signature rides and new ones for…

Singapore Flashback

This Christmas season has been very busy for me. I hope everyone had a meaningful celebration too! While I am catching up with all the events here and there, here is something that we did after the holidays two years ago. Our trip to Singapore was short but it was just the break that we…

An Unplanned Trip to Tagaytay

I have always been fond of traveling. My heartbeat races when I hear a trip to somewhere I have never been to, or do an activity that I haven’t tried yet. However, when I was much younger than my age today, blogs, instagram, Facebook and all other forms of social media were not the mainstream….

Coron Trip!

We travelled to Coron in 2012. We booked at Coron Sunrise Inn and it was the one of the most breath taking experiences in our life. Here’s a Vlog of our Coron trip, enjoy!