IloIlo Trip: Higantes Island

I have been in a state of hiatus! This is something I need to get over with. Since we are back to the rainy season here in the Philippines, let me reminisce and post about my summer escapade. I have been to Boracay countless times and I can say that it has its unique beauty. However, I have to admit that there are more islands and beaches in the Philippines that can beat the beauty of the well commercialized La Boracay. In my Iloilo City trip last summer, I was able to tour a little with the limited time I was given to stay in the City (my travel was intended for work). The highlight of them all was my trip to Higantes Islands.

When you research about Iloilo City, you’ll read about Guimaras Island. This was exactly what I had in mind. I was so ready to see Guimaras. However, the locals that me and my colleagues got to know told us that we shouldn’t miss, and we DEFINITELY had to go to Higantes Islands. I got my phone and checked on the unfamiliar name and boom! Seeing the first picture made me decide immediately to change my Guimaras plan to Higantes Islands instead.

Let’s start first with our tour in some parts of Iloilo. We went to Miag-ao Church, one of the historic churches in Iloilo. After this, we dropped by Sulu Garden, a Japanese inspired restaurant, where we had our “merienda”. This is just a few walks away from UP Visayas. From UP Visayas, we took a jeep (or s shuttle) to Garin Farm. Too bad it was already late afternoon. The farm closes at 5pm and we arrived there 4:30pm. Thus, we decided to walk and see this old but beautiful San Joaquin cemetery.

Check out the vlog of this trip here.

Although I would love to share in this blog the prices/rates of our Higantes Islands trip, the locals were very kind to treat us so I wouldn’t know exactly how much a trip here would cost.

From Iloilo City, we travelled 2 hours to Estancia. From Estancia, a boat ride for another 1 1/2- 2 hours took us to the beautiful Higantes Islands. Of the many islands of Higantes, we were able to go to Cabuyao Island, Tanke Island (Tank), and Antonia Island. There’s no better way to admire the wonders of these islands than a video!

Here’s the trip to Higantes Islands.

The islands are soooo clean! They are not salty at all so I enjoyed swimming! If you guys happen to travel in Iloilo, ask about Higantes Islands. It is one of the hidden paradises here in the country!


Why Did I ever thought of having another BLOG?

Some people are just gifted in expressing their thoughts beautifully in writing. And then there are those who just love writing with the hope that there are people who can appreciate their style no matter how simple it is.

I fall on the second one.

Image by: Jessica Peterson
Image by: Jessica Peterson

I started this blog with the intent of being anonymous. I’ve started other blogs before this where they basically just became a life journal. I didn’t know if I had regular readers, although I hope I did. This time, with social media being used widely and effectively, I thought of having a fresh start.

Nothing much has changed with the way I write, but I definitely gained so many life experiences compared to when I was writing in my teenage blog somewhere in this vast world wide web.

I feared of not having readers again, talking to no one but myself. But hey, we only live once. At my age, I should be way past the fear of not being accepted.


I’ll do what I want to do because it makes me happy!

So Miss Diaries came about because I wanted a fresh start, I wanted to continue writing whether I have an audience or not because it makes me happy. My memories and experiences in life are, in a way, events that some people can learn from, relate to, and get an inspiration from.

Why do people write? We write for so many reasons. I even wrote an entry about WHY I WRITE. It makes a lot of difference when you know the reasons why you do the things you do. It makes you understand yourself better.



Success and your Passion

I grew up in an educational environment where people have to be educated so they can get a high paying job and be called SUCCESSFUL.

I’ve experienced a high paying job but it certainly did not give me the fulfilment I was looking for.

Now that I am out of the corporate life, or the routine office world, I get to enjoy MORE things and earn while doing it. I may have let go of my “manager” title, but going after the things I love did not strip the “success” from me.

success and passion