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Writing Challenge: Sweet Sixteen

As a teen, I enjoyed writing diaries. I wrote about almost everything that happened on a daily basis. My memories of my sweet sixteen is very vivid. At sixteen, I joined a summer singing workshop where I developed my skill in singing. This added to my confidence that one day, I will become an actress.

The summer workshop was very memorable for me, I met two, then, very popular celebrities who coached me in singing. Although I was not a soprano, I learned how to choose songs that fit my voice. Performing was never my water-loo. I love being on stage. I love the attention. I love taking on another character. I love acting. The culminating activity of that summer was a stage performance. Parents and guests were invited. I considered myself lucky because I was given a solo act.

I looked at the manila paper posted on the old painted wall. My turn was next. Everybody was busy. Some were singing their number, some were dancing. I had to do good not because I wanted to please anyone. I had to be great because I wanted it for myself.

The cue was given. I went to the center of the stage. My other co-trainees were positioned on the stage too, ready as my back-up dancers. When the music started, I opened my mouth and sang “Together Again” by Janet Jackson. I never saw the faces of the people viewing. I would look at a blank space and the spotlight. I would project.

After my number was done and the host spoke to give a few thoughts about the recent performance. I never heard what was said. I was just happy with my performance. I knew I did my best.

At a young age, I never dreamed of being rich. I wanted to do what I love. I wanted to perform on stage. I wanted people to appreciate the talents that God has given me. I wanted applause.

Now being 30, I still want the same things I wanted when I was sixteen. I did not become an actress but I become a different me in my training classes. Outside of class, I am not the type of person who would approach people easily. I find it challenging for me to start a conversation with people I don’t know. I can even stay quiet for an hour or more instead of starting a conversation I can’t maintain. In contrary, I appreciate every training class because people are generally more open to conversation because we have a common topic to talk about. My interaction with them as their trainer breaks down barriers which enables us to even talk about personal things. Every face in the crowd that I face reminds me of the same audience who are ready to  listen to my God given talent. Educating. I have indeed fulfilled a dream of doing what I love. I get applauded. Participants get to appreciate my skills that I use to inspire them to become better.

We dream when we are young. It may look impossible, it may sound weird but what you dream of becoming when you were younger is surely something that you love. Adults sometimes forget their dreams. They go for something that would give them fame, or money but eventually realize that they are unhappy. Don’t let go of the things you love to do. Don’t disregard the talent that God has given you. Nurture it. Develop it. When you become an adult, you’ll see that your dreams will come true. It may not be exactly as you envisioned it, but it could be something more, something you will be happier with.


Miss D

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