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Miss Diaries: I’m excited to share more memories!

Since I keep talking about memories, I have finally decided to make it official. I am making Video Logs of the memories I find worth remembering. And because I am all for positivity, I hope we can all enjoy exchanging our thoughts about anything that interests you.

  Ciao! Miss Diaries


Writing Challenge: The Power of Words

It was a beautiful night. The ballroom was packed with people dressed elegantly. I walked inside and all their faces turned. I was greeted with smiles. In their eyes I saw happiness. I saw inspiration. These had been men and women who once lived a difficult life. Out of job, in debt, divorced, unhappy, purposeless. 

I sat on my chair waiting for my turn. Finally the host spoke.

“We are very privilege tonight because this marks our 10th year anniversary. I was thinking if I still need to give a lengthy introduction about our  speaker but I believe she does. She has inspired all of us for 10 years now. Her writings and talks about how to live our life to its greatest potential have transformed all of us to become someone we never imagined possible. Our days will never be complete without listening to her through the various media available for us. And not only that, we continuously grow and help other people to see the inspirations we get through her. Our lives have never been better and she is the woman behind it all. To give us her welcome remarks, let us welcome our founder… Miss Diaries.

Miss Diaries is not my real name of course, but this is the scenario I see. The skill that I would want to master is communication.


There is no denying how powerful words are.  It can make or break a person. It can save or ruin a life. Words play a major role in influencing people. This is the primary reason why I want to master it. This is not just a “WISH” but a goal for myself 5 to 10 years from now. Through words I want people to see their strengths, to see beyond their challenges, and to find a way to live the life they have always wanted. Living in a country where majority of the masses are not educated, they can easily be lead by people who use the power of words for their benefit. But if others who have the power of communication will use it to educate those who were not schooled, the choices will be different.

I still have hope for the Filipinos.